Progressive stamping tool design

Stansomatic designs and manufactures complex progressive stamping tools in our in-house tool department. We build, manufacture and test the tools based on drawings from our construction department. All to make sure that we can produce and deliver high-quality products.

In-house tool department with 50 years of know-how

Extensive tooling knowledge and technical skills

When the customer has approved the prototype, we begin the manufacturing and assembly of the progressive tool based on CAD drawings from our construction department. Our in-tool module layout concept and tool department secure that the product is manufactured with a short run-through time. All the processes are dealt with in-house, which results in the tool price being kept to a minimum.

Metal stamping tools

We manufacture and assemble metal tools and dies for our customers.

Custom tool solutions

We design and manufacture tools on request. We have design, construction, tooling and production in-house which means that we can handle the whole process from beginning to end.

Tool and die maintenance

The tool department oversees the continued maintenance of the tools, so that they are always ready for production. This involves tool and die maintenance, routine sharpening and emergency repair.