Metal stamping

Stansomatic A/S has over 50 years of experience stamping advanced items in thin metal and steel. We ensure high-quality stamped items and great customer involvement.

Metal stamping and deep drawing experts

Stamped & pressed Metal Components

The parts are produced in follow die tools and modern automated punches with a stamping force of up to 63 tons, and speeds of up to 800 strokes per minute. Production runs of from 50.000 pieces to up to several million. The parts can be supplied as loose items or spooled on reels of various sizes and materials, furthermore we can offer delivery of tape on reels, in trays, and other forms of specialist packing. Parts containing threads, screws, rivets etc. are also produced. We currently export to Brasil, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, China, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Poland, Hungary, USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Germany primarily within the medical, automotive, electronics and energy industry. We export about 85% of our products.

Metal stamping process

Production takes place in-house and we produce all our stamped and pressed metal components in our own machines.

Stamping benefits

Metal stamping guarantees competitive rates and low unit costs. We can produce advanced items by stamping, deep drawing and moulding. Another benefit of stamping is that we ensure optimal use of the materials which results in less wastage.

What are your stamping challenges?

Read more about metal stamping in the sections above. We want to solve your stamping supply chain challenges. Contact us for a talk on how we can bring value to your business.