Special processes

Stansomatic is an all-in-one supplier and offers additional services to complement our core technologies and precision stamping. We offer different types of surface treatment, automated packaging, laser marking, degreasing and deburring.

Packaging and vision inspection

Packaging robot with 100% vision inspection

Our packaging robots are equipped with vision systems that inspect and sort the small metal parts. The system first inspects and scans for irregularities and automatically sorts out parts with errors. Errors are categorized as scratches, dents, discoloration or deformations. This is carried out through 2D surface inspection and snapshot 3D measurement. With a robot that runs around the clock, the number of filled trays increases and employees are spared for heavy lifting and monotonous repetitive work. Stansomatic offers packaging in tape and reel, bulk, trays or blisters. Stansomatic has significant experience with production for the pharmaceutical industry and consequently offers packaging in an ISO class 8 cleanroom.

Laser welding and engraving on metal

At Stansomatic we offer laser welding and laser engraving. Laser welding provides a consistent finish down to 0,1 mm material thickness and is more efficient than traditional welding. We also specialize in reel-to-reel injection molding for complex and uniform parts.

Metal surface treatment

Stansomatic offers surface treatment, heat treatment, deburring and partial gold finish for your stamped metal parts. We can coat your metal parts after production in our in-house surface treatment department. We do reel-to-reel, strip plating, spot plating, bulk plating and vibration plating.

Coil-to-coil degreasing and clinical degreasing

Stansomatic washes, cleans and degreases your stamped and drawn metal parts. We do coil-to-coil degreasing in a washing system and clinical degreasing of the majority of the parts in an alcohol system.