Committed to quality

Stansomatic has since 1992 been certificated according to ISO 9001 and in 2018, the certification was upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 which secures an effective running of quality control. Quality is evident in all our processes and workflows and it involves PPAP, Six Sigma and LEAN.

Sustainability in Stansomatic

Stansomatic runs on green energy

In 2020, Stansomatic A/S switched to clean and carbon neutral energy which means that our entire company now runs on green energy. We invest in a green future by buying carbon neutral and renewable wind energy from Danish windmills. By doing this, we support UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 7 “Affordable and clean energy”. Many of our customers have sustainability goals which we are pleased that we can support. We are acting on our climate impact by eliminating fossil fuels from our operations and using renewable energy. We call this responsibility for the environment, for our customers, for ourselves and everyone else.

Zero-fault strategy

We employ Six Sigma practices to eliminate defects and errors in our processes wherever possible. To ensure our high quality, we have installed effective vision systems and keep an ongoing control of our 3D measuring equipment.

PPAP and medical validation

We document quality continuously. We use PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and medical validation in order to meet our customers’ expectations and in order to remain a high-quality metal stamping supplier.


We were awarded the Ecovadis Bronze Medal in 2020 for our CSR commitments. Stansomatic’s score is particularly good in terms of human rights and ethics. A Bronze Medal places us in the top 50% of more than 65.000 suppliers.