Stansomatic has been constructing and fabricating prototypes for over 50 years. We can help you through the process which usually starts with the construction of a prototype that will enable you to carry out assembly tests in realistic conditions.

In-house prototype fabrication

Prototype production process

The tool department manufactures the prototypes which gives the customer the opportunity to carry out assembly tests in realistic conditions. In this process, an optimal review of the item is carried out with the customer. With this, the prototype is adjusted to the optimal requirements of the customer’s needs and the production, which minimizes production times and costs.

Metal prototypes

In close co-operation with the customer, Stansomatic can construct realistic metal prototypes that are almost identical to the final product.

Production of Prototypes and small orders

Stansomatic A/S can offer production services of prototypes, trial batches and smaller batch amounts, both as flat and molded parts. These are produced with the help of wire cutting, etching and simple moulding tools.

Syv barberblade

Benefits of prototyping

Prototypes enable the customer and us to test form and functionality, early discovery of design issues, get feedback and determine the final design which will be 100% optimized for mass production.