Tooling design and engineering services

Stansomatic specializes in manufacturing high precision progressive tools. It all starts in our large construction department where our skilled technicians develop and optimize the product in order to achieve the most optimal solution in terms of both price and function.

Cirkelgrafik med billeder, der viser processen fra idé til produkt med barberblade som eksempel

Designing and manufacturing tools

Technical knowledge and design skills

The construction department engages in a technical dialog when needed. They offer consulting, problem solving and optimization in close co-operation with the customer. Our experienced tool designers can advise you about the shape and function, material choice, surface coating, packaging, assembly and delivery. Finally, the involved departments create an in-depth FMEA-analysis which considerably reduces the risk of source errors. It is also at this point that we exchange CAD drawings with the customer.

Tool design

Stansomatic A/S has its own design department, where the follow die tools are designed and manufactured.

Design and engineering

The development of parts often occurs in very close co-operation with the customer. We are happy to participate in all phases of development, right from the conceptual phase through to the final finishing touches, to optimize production in the best manner possible.

En ring, der skal forestille to barberskrabere med grønne blade og sort og gråt skaft

Professional software

All our highly proficient tool constructors are equipped with specialized software that enables them to execute the tools step by step and prepare data. We use the newest versions of all the common software programs and systems for design and engineering such as TopSolid and CAD/CAM.